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.position() Integration Demonstration
This demonstrates the Month Picker integration with the optional .position() plugin. The right aligned input helps to show how the menu will not allow the edges of the window to hide it's appearance. This test should remain first in the list so that no automated scrolling is needed.

Choose a month:

Button test

Choose a Month:
Plain Button:
Image Button:
External element: Open Open

No button:

ShowOn both:

Month format test Choose a Month:

Min/MaxMonth test Choose a Month:

Right to left Choose a Month:

Toggle method test Choose a Month:

Events Choose a Month:

Today is highlighted Choose a Month:

Inline menu:
AltField and AltFormat option test:

Only one picker open test First picker:
Second picker:

MinMonth and MaxMonth Demonstration
This demonstrates how you can limit the user to choosing months within a given interval.

Future months only:

Past months only:

18 months from today:

Start Year Demonstration
This demonstrates how the plugin will default to the year specified in the text box. Changing the year in the text box will result in a new default year for the chooser and if no date is selected then the default year is the current year.

Choose a month:

Override Start Year Demonstration
This demonstrates how the MonthPicker can be configured to override the start year default behavior. This MonthPicker will start on 2023 no matter which date is currently selected, even if no date is specified.

Choose a month:

Get Month/Year & Validation API Demonstration
This demonstrates API usage for the GetSelectedMonthYear(), GetSelectedYear() and GetSelectedMonth() function calls which will also perform date validation. Clear() will clear the text field and any validation messages.

Choose a month:

Disable/Enable API Demonstration
This demonstrates API usage for the Enable() and Disable().

Choose a month:

Digital Bush Integration Demonstration
This demonstrates how the MonthPicker plugin integrates with the Digital Bush Plugin for Input Masking as well as the html 5 placeholder attribute to simulate watermarking. Try to type an invalid date and try the Get Month/Year button to fire off validation.

Type in a month/year:

Type in a month/year::

HTML 5 Month Input Type Support
This demonstrates how the MonthPicker will work with the HTML 5 Month Input Type. View this section using Chrome to see Google's latest implementation in comparison.

Jquery UI Month Picker:

Chrome Month Picker: